Terms & Conditions

General transaction terms in the context of purchase agreements concluded on the website of the company with the corporate name A. Nikou - E. Liakos - I. Haralambopoulos Ltd. trading as "Mangel-Wurzel" or "Mangel-Wurzel", with the following particulars:

86 Themistokli Sofouli St.
Thessaloniki / Greece
Tel. (0030)2310421123 , (0030)2310 801409
Fax (0030)2310801400
Tax Reg. No.: 999427641
Thessaloniki Trade Chamber No.: 74073

Article 1: Scope - Definitions 

(1) In commercial dealings between Mangel-Wurzel (hereinafter Mangel-Wurzel) and the Customer (hereinafter the Customer) the following general transaction terms as specifically worded at the time the order is placed shall apply. Counter-terms proposed by the Customer placing an order shall not be recognised unless Mangel-Wurzel expressly approves them in writing.

(2) The Customer shall be deemed to be a consumer where the purpose of the goods and services ordered is not considered to be within the context of his business or independent professional activity. On the contrary a businessperson shall be any natural or legal person or partnership capable of entering into legal transactions, who/which when concluding the contract acts in the context of independent commercial, industrial or professional activities.

Article 2. Conclusion of contract 

(1) The Customer can choose any product from the Mangel-Wurzel collection and select it by clicking on the "Add to Basket" button. By pressing the "Place Order" button, the Customer submits a binding offer to purchase the products in his Basket. In all events, the Customer can change or check the data / information entered before placing the order. The offer can be sent or dispatched only where the Customer presses the "Accept terms" button whereby he accepts these contractual terms and in doing so incorporates them by reference into his binding offer.

(2) Mangel-Wurzel then sends the Customer an email with an automatic read receipt setting out the Customer's order which the Customer can print out by using the "Print" function. The automatic read receipt for the order simply demonstrates in writing that the Customer's order was received by Mangel-Wurzel and is not an acceptance of the order. The contract is only concluded when Mangel-Wurzel sends a statement of acceptance of the order which is contained in a separate email.

Article 3. Delivery. Product Availability 

(1) If at the time the Customer places the order the product selected by him is not available, the Customer will be notified about this in the order read receipt. If the product cannot be delivered because it is permanently out of stock, Mangel-Wurzel will not accept the order. In this case no contract is concluded.

(2) If the specific product in the Customer's order is only temporarily out of stock, Mangel-Wurzel will immediately notify the Customer of this in the order read receipt. Where delivery of the product is delayed by more than 4 weeks, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract. Mangel-Wurzel is also entitled in this case to terminate the contract. Any payments the Customer may have made will be reversed. 

Article 4. Retention of ownership

Until payment in full is made, the products delivered shall remain the property of Mangel-Wurzel.

Article 5. Prices and postage charges 

(1) All prices stated on the Mangel-Wurzel website include VAT at the current rate, and the VAT information will appear when a product is placed in the Basket. Any customs fees and customs clearance charges are not included. These are notified to the customer before the contract is concluded.
(2) Information about the postage charges is sent to the Customer along with the order confirmation and such charges are payable by him. If the value of the products ordered is over € 1,500 they will be delivered to the Customer free of postage charges.
(3) Products are sent by mail. If the customer wishes products to be sent by registered mail he should select that option when placing his order. The additional cost of this will be stated on the order confirmation and is payable by the customer.

Article 6. Payment method 

(1) Payments can be made using the Paypal system or by credit card. Cash on Delivery is also available for deliveries within the Greek State.

(2) The Customer's obligation to pay default interest which is 5% on top of the prime rate shall not preclude Mangel-Wurzel's right to seek further compensation for losses incurred by default.

Article 7. Liability for actual defects. Warranty 

(1) Mangel-Wurzel shall be liable for actual defects in accordance with the applicable provisions of law. Merchants are liable for products delivered for a period of 12 months. 
(2) The warranty for Mangel-Wurzel's delivered products only exists where it was expressly stated in the order read receipt for each product.

Article 8. Liability 

(1) Customer claims for compensation are precluded. Customer claims for compensation in the case of harm to life, physical harm, damage to health or cases of infringements of material contractual obligations (main contractual obligations) and liability for harm based on deliberate or grossly negligent breach of the contractual obligations of Mangel-Wurzel, its legal representatives or agents are excluded from this. "Material contractual obligations" means those obligations which must be discharged to achieve the purpose of the contract. 
(2) Where material contractual obligations are breached Mangel-Wurzel shall only be liable for normal foreseeable losses under the contract when caused by negligence, apart from Customer claims for compensation due to harm to life, the body or health.
(3) The restrictions contained in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article shall also apply to Mangel-Wurzel's legal representatives or agents when the claims are raised directly in relation to them.

Article 9. Consumer's right to revoke 

(1) Where the Customer is a consumer and concluded the contract with Mangel-Wurzel using remote means only, and in particular by phone, email or fax, or using the Mangel-Wurzel website, he shall have 7 working days to revoke his declaration of will which was given for the purpose of concluding the contract and shall not be obliged to state the reasons for revocation. That deadline shall commence at the earliest on the date on which the product is received, especially if notice of the right to revoke was sent in written format at that time. Revocation shall be effectuated by returning the product to the address:

86 Themistokli Sofouli St. 
Thessaloniki / Greece 

or by sending notice in writing to Mangel-Wurzel. Compliance with this deadline simply requires that the written notice of revocation or the product is sent in good time. The right to revoke shall not exist in the case of:
a) contracts for the delivery of products which were manufactured to the customer"s own specifications
b) perishable goods
c) audiovisual materials or software such as CDs or DVDS, which have been opened
d) newspapers, magazines or illustrations
e) auctioned items
f) the provision of services.

(2) Goods which can be packaged shall be returned by the consumer at own expense to the address:

86 Themistokli Sofouli St. 
Thessaloniki / Greece 

Goods which cannot be packaged will be picked up from the Customer's address at his expense.
(3) In the case of such revocation, Mangel-Wurzel shall return any payment made by the Customer. Where the Customer cannot return the goods or can return them only in a worse condition, compensation must be paid for the value lost even where such deterioration is in line with intended use. The drop in value of the goods may in certain cases correspond to its total purchase price. The Customer can avoid a reduction in the value by not using the goods as his own property and by avoiding any act which could affect its value.

Article 10. Personal data processing notification 

(1) Mangel-Wurzel collects Customer personal data for the purpose of implementing contracts. In this case the personal data protection rules are complied with. Without the Customer's consent Mangel-Wurzel collects, processes and uses statistical data and useable data of the customer only when that is necessary to facilitate contractual relations and to make the provision of remote services possible. 
(2) Without the Customer's consent, Mangel-Wurzel shall not use Customer date for advertising, market research or polling purposes.
(3) The Customer can always remove his/her personal data stored on the site by clicking the "My data" button on his/her profile, and changing or deleting that data. Customers are advised to consult the Mangel-Wurzel website in order to obtain information about Customer consent issues and the collection of personal data, processing and use thereof. By clicking the "Personal data security" button such information can be accessed and printed by the Customer.

Article 11. Final terms 

(1) Greek Law shall apply to contracts between Mangel-Wurzel and the Customer, and the Vienna international convention shall be precluded. 
(2) The courts at the place where Mangel-Wurzel has its registered offices shall be competent to hear all disputes between Mangel-Wurzel and the Customer.
    (1)    Even where certain of its terms are found to be ineffective, the contract shall remain binding in all other regards.


A.Nikou - E.Liakos - I.Haralambopoulos Ltd. or "Mangel-Wurzel"
Address: 86 Themistokli Sofouli St.,    GR-55131, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel./Fax: Tel. (0030)2310421123, (0030)2310 801409, Fax (0030)2310801400
Tax Reg. No.: 999427641
Thessaloniki Trade Chamber No.: 74073


Privacy Policy

Information collected about you will only be used to process your order from Mangel-Wurzel’s Online Shop and to fill that order, even if you have subscribed to one or more newsletters.

What information will be collected and how will it be used?

To register for Mangel-Wurzel's Online Shop you need to provide your email address and a password as well as your birthday. A check is performed using the birthday data to prevent children aged under 14 registering for the Mangel-Wurzel Online Shop.
After registering you will receive an email. By clicking on the link it contains, you confirm your registration with the Mangel-Wurzel Online Shop.

To process your order we will need your first name, surname, email address, the delivery address for the product (your phone number is optional), as well as the user name and password you used to register with the Mangel-Wurzel Online Shop. Your email address and your phone number (which is optional) are needed to ensure that we can contact you immediately if we need clarifications or information about filling your order. In addition to that, if you are paying by credit card, we need information about the type of credit card, the card number and its expiry date. 

We use your personal data solely exclusively for the purposes of the order, such as the order or delivery status and for preparing customer statistics. We use your email to send newsletters if you have registered for this service and other notices with information about special offers, services and campaigns. If you do not wish to receive newsletters or notices, you can cancel that service here. You can withdraw your consent for use of your personal data at any time in the future.

Sending your personal data to third parties.

It is our policy to use your personal data in a confidential manner only and not disclose it to third parties. To ensure that your order is fully and properly processed, we collaborate with certain service providers to whom specific data (name, surname, address) is sent in order for the transaction to be completed. Of course, this occurs only where the confidentiality of your personal data is strictly safeguarded. These are service providers which dispatch products (the post office or couriers) and handle payments (credit cards – cash on delivery).
These service providers are obliged to use your personal data only for the purpose stated and not to disclose it to third parties under any circumstances.

How do we protect your personal data?

We use the most up-to-date security system, Secure Socket Layers (SSL) on all pages of the Mangel-Wurzel Online Shop where you provide personal data (My account, My Basket, Subscribe to newsletter). That data is immediately encrypted when sent. 
All information relating to your personal data (credit card number, name-surname, address) is placed in a protected database in partially encoded format.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are necessary to identify you as a user. Session-IDs are stored by the browser during a connection on the hard disk. They take up minimal space and do not have any negative effect on the computer. Cookies do not contain specific personal data.

Will Mangel-Wurzel use my personal data in the future for another purpose?

Mangel-Wurzel does not disclose personal data to third parties unless you have consented to that. You can check and change your personal data at any time. You can always refuse to allow your personal data to be used any more. In that case we completely delete your personal data. Data used to settle accounts or keep accounting books are not included in the deletion.

Mangel-Wurzel's tips to how to ensure better security 

Never disclose your password to others.
Use a secure password such as a combination of letters and numbers. 
Change your password at regular intervals. 
When surfing the net use a SSL-secure browser. 
If using a computer in a public place (such as an internet café) or a computer that other people use (in an office for example) we recommend that after the end of your session you Log Off to prevent unauthorised persons using your username to make purchases on the Mangel-Wurzel Online Shop.